Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Children’s Smile Center making long-term impact

Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic childhood conditions in the U.S. and can impact the  way a child smiles and eats, to school performance, attendance and self-esteem.

Regular visits to a dentist combined with daily brushing are key to preventing tooth decay.

Dental Hygienist Shanna Toler shows off an oral hygiene kit.
Children’s Smile Center provides free, quality preventative and primary dental care for children and pregnant women with active Medicaid. To ensure that between visits children are continuing to care for their teeth, Skaggs Foundation has awarded a $3,100 Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grant to Children’s Smile Center for oral hygiene kits.

The kits include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and fun timer to help kids know how long to brush.

“The kids that are getting these kits, sometimes it’s the only toothbrush or toothpaste they have,” says Community Relations Director Kristen Reiter. “If we can help them continue to take care of their teeth after they walk out of our door, we are helping them protect their smile.”

“Our goal is to have a long-term impact on their oral health,” explains Executive Director Jackie Barger. “We want to be their dental home and prevent them from having painful dental emergencies down the road.”

In addition to the oral hygiene kit, Children’s Smile Center has also received Skaggs Legacy Endowment Grants over the years for an x-ray machine and sterilization equipment.

We are so grateful to have Children’s Smile Center caring for some of the youngest residents in Taney and Stone counties,” said Skaggs Foundation President Meghan Connell. “They are providing caring, compassionate dental care and helping the children develop healthy, life-long habits.”

Children’s Smile Center serves a six-county area, with locations in Branson West, Ozark and Aurora.

In 2016, Children’s Smile Center served nearly 6,300 patients, 950 of which were residents of Taney or Stone counties.

Skaggs Legacy Endowment is a restricted endowment fund made possible by a generous gift from CoxHealth in 2013. Since the inception of Skaggs Legacy Endowment, funds have been dedicated to improving access to health care, supporting healthy lifestyles, child and family safety, dental care and mental health.
To learn more about Skaggs Legacy Endowment, how it is impacting our community, or information about applying, visit SkaggsFoundation.org or call 417-335-7340.

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